Planning Your Kid 's Party

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Planning your kid’s birthday party can be a lot of fun. Kids birthday games form a major part of this planning. They not only make a party memorable, but also serve as ice breakers for those shy kids who might not know the others in the room. Here’s a list of some fun party games which are sure to make your kid’s party a success. And what’s more, they’re quite economical too!
1. Pass the hurdle
You’ll be amazed to find out that kids love to compete with each other. One of the best ways to add some zing to your child’s birthday party is to organise your own Common Wealth Games! Place some hurdles across the room or the garden. Hula hoops, small stools, cushions, etc can be a part of the hurdles. The kid who crosses the hurdles and reaches the finish line first is the winner. Award him a gold medal (a chocolate disc wrapped in gold foil). You can similarly award the silver and bronze winner too.
Tip: Make sure the hurdles are of the right size and height for the age group of your guests. Avoid using objects for hurdles that have sharp edges. 2. Bite ’em off
Get fruity with your next game. Buy small apples or pear with stems – basically enough fruit so that each child has one. Before the party begins, tie a string to all the fruits. Now string them up to objects so that the fruit dangles. Every child has to stand under the fruit and try to take a bite out of it without using his or her hand. It may seem like an easy game, but soon the kids will realise that it’s a task to…
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