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Planning a Business Executive Team “Executive Team” is a business game in which we have been involved over six weeks; the business game consisted of 4 teams who formed 4 companies to compete in 5 separate trading areas. The game is an interactive game in which the decisions of 1 company have an impact on the other teams positioning as well as their own. Each team has a home trading area, these are areas 1 to 4 and there is a common area, area 5. All of the companies are free to trade in all of the areas. The advantage of trade in the home area is that transport prices are lower. We participated in the game for 6 weeks and had 7 periods in which we made decisions. The team in which I played…show more content…
The effect of our changes in period 1 where that sales in area 2 rose whereas in areas 1 and 5 sales dropped and in area 3 and 4 sales remained the same. In period 0 we had produced 817 however had only sold 775 and due to opening stock we closed with 232 units in stock, this was going to cost us in storage, if we could accurately predict a sales number we would save this unnecessary cost so we decided to produce 600 units which in turn gave us 832 units in total to sell and with any luck we wouldn’t be left with as many in storage. As for transport and distribution policy we decided that as we were in loss we shouldn’t yet invest in vehicles so we hired vehicles as this would save us maintenance costs. Our decisions for period 1 resulted in a dip in cumulative retained earnings (see appendix 6) whilst retained earnings rose (see appendix 5), we had made considerable profit however we were still in loss. From the results of periods 0 and 1 we then were slightly more informed of our markets so in period 2 we dropped

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