Planning a House-Warming Party

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Entertaining guests in your home is a stressful but rewarding job. Whether you are hosting a holiday or birthday party, baby shower or any other event, being a good hostess requires significant planning and preparation. Before beginning to move into a new house which eventually becomes home, a sociable house warming party is a good start for your dream. The house warming ceremony is an extremely important event in everyone's life. This is the moment of pride and pleasure that shows love and compassion. One should celebrate this remarkable event with extreme fervor and enthusiasm. The concept of house warming has been practiced from many years even today holds the very same significance and charm. A few months back, I had the opportunity to help in planning a house warming party for a family friend. This couple had an Indian family but they also had American friends. It was a challenge to amalgamate the Indian rituals with the American tradition. The kindness shown by people and the seeking of religious blessings surely makes this event a landmark occurrence in everyone's life. Cleaning, cooking, and inviting guests were our primary goals. The house in which this couple was moving into was previously owned. It was necessary to clean the house and make it an empty like a white canvas so as to paint it in new colors of family’s love and relationship. So we began tidying the place. Each person was given different tasks. I and my husband decided to work on handling the house
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