Essay on Planning a Successful Event

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Summary This report looks into the planning process of a food and drink festival held in Leeds. The report will be analysing the stages of the planning process chosen for this particular event, and it will be specifying the sector of the market in which will be targeted to attract to the festival. It will also be discussing issues which may occur before, during and after the event and how it is best dealt with to overcome any problems which may be endured. It will include how to best promote the event by advertisement and how it will influence the attendance and success of the event. It will also show how other events like the food and drink festival in Manchester, the East Midlands and in York have been a success and how through that…show more content…
However Bowdins model was chosen as it was more fitted to the festival as it goes in to more analytical depth about the internal and external processes. The model is also there to guide how to organise a successful event, you can adapt your own ideas around it depending on the event. It should also be discussed within the team members on how they feel the organisational process of the event is developing and if they have any input. Organising an event is not a sole effort, it should be a team effort in which every body has a say and input in to it. 3. Research In order for any event to be a success you need to research it to see if the public will be interested in the food and drink festival because if not then there would be no point in continuing with the planning. 3.1 History of Food and Drink Festivals The one advantage of organising a food and drink festival is that the majority of the public are very fond of both. British people are renowned for their love in drink and have a passion for great food. There are already many successful food and drink festivals across the UK including; Brighton and Hove food and drink festival, Norfolk food festival, York festival of food and drink, East Midlands food and drink festival, Manchester food and drink festival, these are only naming a few. From this it is obvious that in theory the event should
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