Planning a Swarovski Event

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Concept The objective of this event is to present the new delightful Swarovski collection of lightening products, as the world leader in high-quality precision cut crystal has chosen this city to reveal its marvelous pieces, which will be presented on September 16th of 2013 from 19.00 to 22.00 in the Gallery of La Pelota, gathering approximately 300 guests. The reason to make this important event happen on the September 16th is to project a fresh mood to the guests, as it is a hot month and the weather this specific day will be suitable to represent said mood, we need a gleaming, cool atmosphere, specially if usually people are tired of this month’s weather. The core theme of this event will be ‘crystal caves’ which will contrast…show more content…
Crystalon.- The breathtaking crystal DNA helix hanging from above, with energy-efficient LED technology, which also comes in three different sizes and only available in two light temperaturas in color white. Candella.- The piece connecting the past with the future creating an effect of hundreds of candles and also with LED technology is available in white, black or chrome made in cristal satin or white opal and comes in three different sizes. Downsquare.- From the designer Stefano Ricci, this LED Centerpice has two different variants for the ceiling and pendan and is available in three sizes, finished in black, white and gray. Madison.- This modern and sensible piece has three different variants, for ceiling, for Wall and pendant and is also available in three different colors. Space Application The five pieces will be precisely distributed so each one of them gets the essential attention and admiration from the client. Situated each one of the in a special place that gives them the enough illumination and single space for their full enjoynment. The piece Enlace will be the first one in the path to see, a sample of each size will be shown and it will be in the upper middle part of the showroom. The second piece to present will be Crystalon, also showing its three different sizes and situated in the left back corner

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