Planning and Budgeting for Einstein Medical Center

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Planning and Budgeting Introduction Einstein Medical Center is a non-profit organization that offers numerous healthcare programs to both locals and outside clients. The organization treats mental disorder, drug or substance addiction and eating defections or disorders. Einstein Medical Center offers services to residents of Northeast Philadelphia, Lower Bucks and Montgomery Countries. The organization engages in the provision of primary and ambulatory care facilities or actions to their clients at affordable and effective means. The healthcare structure aims to provide considerate and quality health programs to its clients within the area of location. Einstein Medical Center is a private organization highly recognized within the country for its efficient and effective health measures. Einstein Medical Center has been able to reach the majority of society members who have limited access to healthcare facilities through appropriate principles and motives. Determine what your selected organization (Einstein Medical Center) would need to take into account when making pricing and service decisions. The first factor to consider while determining the price and service decisions within the organization is the welfare of the society. The organization builds on the well-being of the society hence it services must be welfare oriented. This indicates that the Einstein Medical Center would have to adopt affordable prices offering more opportunities to the society members to

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