Planning and Designing a Curriculum for Students With Different Needs: Case Studies

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Planning & Designing Curriculum Research Topic/Question: You teach a wide range of students with different needs and need to consider these when planning and designing their curriculum. In order to do this you decide to write a pen portrait of a learner who has particularly challenging issues and think about how this influences what and how you teach. Part 1: Case Studies as examples Case Study 3: Asperger's Syndrome The main objective of learning is to offer maximum opportunity for acquisition of valuable knowledge to all students or learners regardless of their economic, social, psychological, and technical problems. In case study 3, Sanjay suffers from the influence of Asperger's Syndrome. This is a reflection of a form of autistic disorder limiting his ability to understand or adhere to the social norms within the society. He also has troubles in communicating effectively and efficiently, cannot empathize with others, and consider hypothetical situations. This makes it a hurdle to communicate, interact, and socialize with friends or other students in class thus feeling lonely and essence of isolation. There is also misconception though trouble in interacting or communicating with teachers hence confusion for both parties in the pursuit of critical knowledge. Since this syndrome is an influence of the brain differences in association with life experience, individuals with such disorder demonstrate or illustrate unique forms of symptoms. There are various needs to
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