Planning and Enabling Learning Dtlls Essay

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Unit 002

Planning and Enabling Learning

Assignment 2.1 Theory

John Smith

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Methodology of Research and Introduction 3
Findings for points A to D 4
Précis of findings for points A to D 12
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Methodology of research
This report will look at the following points: A. Negotiating with learners, e.g. initial assessment, agreeing goals and actions. B. Inclusive learning, e.g. the use of different delivery methods, resources and adapting session plans. C. Integrating functional skills into their subject area, (Language, Literacy, Maths, ICT). D. Communication, e.g. verbal/non-verbal and possible barriers.

Much of my research has been
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The learning modes that Wright is talking about the statement are Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. To me this statement implies that an individual is predominantly one of these three learning types. In some case this could be true, however I have yet to come across anyone who isn’t really made up of at least two of these learning styles, for example in my case I know that I am a Visual learner who enjoys learning Kinaesthetically as well.

In ICT I have used activities to try to identify learning styles and the results have often been similar in that students studying ICT tend to have Kinaesthetic and Visual learning styles, I have also noticed that if a learner does not have this mix they can sometimes have problems understanding elements of ICT. In understanding the learning styles of my students I can prepare my teaching effectively.

Knowing that I have a predominance of Kinaesthetic and Visual learners makes it easier to teach ICT as it is very a hands on subject in that they work very closely with computers both using them and taking them apart to upgrade and modify. However this does not work with every ICT subject there are some subjects that require a more “chalk & talk” delivery method. With these subjects I need to more inventive in my delivery, fortunately in today’s modern class rooms with have more resources available to us in

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