Planning and Enabling Learning/ Dtlls Unit 1 Essay

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Planning and Enabling Learning This assignment will be looking at four key areas in the planning and enabling learning unit. It will define the different sections of the module from negotiating with the Learner, inclusive learning, functional skills and concluding with communication. It will show that through research, I have been able to demonstrate that I have an understanding of how planning and enabling learning relates to the practical and theoretical side of teaching. How I am able to cater for the individual needs and to continually improve the educational development of the learners, through a positive scheme of work and transparent lesson plans. Negotiating with learnersInitial assessment is the key to finding out what the…show more content…
Some negatives are that negotiated targets may become too unmanageable, so be mindful of the acronym SMART Specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound. Follow these rules and both you; your learners will not go far wrong. Inclusive Learning Whilst researching this subject in depth, you come to understand how many teachers could view this as quite complex, but does it have to be? Well after reading so much myself my views didn’t change. Inclusive learning to me is simple; it’s about making the educational system accessible to all learners regardless of physical, mental or emotional needs. I could take quotes down from numerous authors, some which may hit all the right notes, but for me one short explanation on (Wikipedia Dictionary 2011). Fully inclusive schools which are rare, no longer distinguish between “general Education” and “Special Education” programs, instead, the school is restricted so that all students learn together. Although in some circumstances this is not always possible, we can adopt our attitudes and surroundings to include a vast number of disadvantaged students. In a study it has shown that it can have a positive effect on both students with or without special needs, it can help with reading, individualised educational programs (IEPs), improving communication

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