Planning and Enabling Learning

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THEORY ASSIGNMENT PLANNING AND ENABLING LEARNING DTLLS FEB 2010 PLANNING AND ENABLING LEARNING Rationale. I believe by researching different assessment areas and learning styles I will become a better lecturer. This would help my planning and thus allow learning to happen or take place. I am hopeful that by researching and learning about different methods of negotiating, integrating skills whether functional, life or trade and communication methods it will help me have an inclusive learning classroom; where all learning will help the students to attain their qualification. Methodology. I began researching by looking at the standards of the diploma course I teach, so I had an understanding of what was…show more content…
• To try to adjust the educational environment to be more suitable to all the learners whose needs it is intended to address.” Race (2005) defined inclusive teaching in 5 main ways through this he believed that it was more achievable to adjust an educational environment to the learners needs. • “Doing everything we can to enhance the want to learn of all participants in the post compulsory education. • Clarifying as well as we can the need to learn, as spelled out by the intended learning outcomes we formulate to define our curriculum. • Adjusting the learning by doing tasks and activities we design for learners, to allow all learners to have suitable opportunities to practice, learn through mistakes, and learn from their individual experiences. • Maximise the feedback that all learners gain from both us and from each other, and adjust the feedback processes towards those that are most effective for learners as individuals. • Help all learners to make sense or digest the information they encounter, and respond to their different ways of doing this.” (Race 2005, 153-169) Race concluded to achieve these goals the teacher needed to seek out feedback from all learners. This feedback should be on the teaching but also the learners’ individual experience in
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