Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity Essay

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ILM Level 5
Diploma in Management and Leadership

M4.03 Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity

Assignment Task: Planning And Leading A Complex Team Activity 1.1 Define the purpose, aims and objectives of the activity
When my training began with Wrightbus to become a first line manager in total there were six people setting out on the journey to lead teams on the production floor. As part of the ten week training programme the operations director handed us a group project where he wanted us as a group to introduce a new system to manage and maintain small tools owned by the company throughout the factory. This would obviously test our skills as team players and was obviously a massive challenge as the issues with tools
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* The vehicles in the factory can’t be built efficiently by the operators as the correct numbers of tools are unavailable. * Lack of control over required number of tools and no current maintenance programme creating a hoarding ethos with the teams as a whole suffering. * Theft a problem as people are stealing tools to get their work packages completed on time.

1.2 Identify the tasks and resources required for the activity, including any operational constraints that apply
It was decided that the areas we would focus on to carry out audits on the current state of play would be lines 1-7, roofs and mid decks. The initial audits would be carried out solely by the project team with the input of the operators being vital but this was agreed to be carried out during production hours with limited disruption to each team’s production targets.
When considering operational constraints we looked at people, location, premises, equipment, money, materials, other related activities and services.

Main tasks identified were: * Record the list of tools required in each zone across all seven lines, roofs and mid-decks. * Record the list of tools currently available to employees in each zone across all seven lines, roofs and mid-decks. * Investigate costs for all tools required so zones are kitted out properly. * Carry out a gap analysis

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