Planning the Big Event

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Planning for the Big Event SEC/493 December 16, 2013 Planning for the Big Event The top Flight Security Agency has a reputation of quality service for celebrities, politicians, and other dignitaries. Top Flight Security Agency has security personnel with the experience and training to complete a level of security protection to provide services for the President of the United States. Top Flight Security Agency (TFSA) is a global security firm. The agency offer security solutions, for a diverse set of clients, which will include multinational corporations, insurance companies, law firms, entertainment industries, and millionaires. The TFSA officers are highly trained and skilled, and have demonstrated its work performance, by…show more content…
Top Flight Security Agency will provide personal protection, for public safety and transportation safety while Mariah Carey is conducting a worldwide tour both globally and locally. A security specialist with the TFSA will need to ensure his or her client is safe on every angle, this will even include making sure that other agency specialist is qualified to work with TFSA. Other agencies may not meet certain qualifications, and it will be the sole responsibility of TFSA to ensure that the other agency meets the necessary requirements. TFSA will combine with other companies to ensure that a client with a problem will call with a concern of threat to his or her life; this becomes a major issue or potential damage to the client’s brand name. This will have an immediate attention by a TFSA specialist who has the capability of handling the situation. This particular position will provide opportunities to travel on a fact finding trip and assist in the evacuation of the client and deliver security briefings to clients at his or her home or business. The main responsibilities that TFSA will have are to provide security to a client and crisis management, to advice the client on a routine basis in response to emergencies. This will allow the specialist to succeed in complex or hostile situations. This will allow the specialist to conduct a face-to-face delivery of personal security awareness training sessions. A TFSA officer will have to clarify the
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