Planning to meet the needs of Learners in Education and Training - CET

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Assignment 2
Sarah Brown
Planning to meet the needs of Learners in Education and Training
Part 1
According to The Excellence Gateway (accessed 12/7/14) “initial assessment and diagnostic assessment is needed for each learner in order to find a starting point, or baseline for learning. It makes possible development of the learning plan”. Initial assessment and diagnostic tools can serve two purposes, firstly to assess potential students’ academic ability in relation to national standards. This will then dictate support required for targets and progression. Secondly initial and diagnostic assessments can be used for higher level qualifications where there are pre-requisites to ensure that the standard is up to the required level for that
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By knowing your audience you can include elements in lessons and activities which compliment the learning styles. Having a class profile which outlines individual issues but equally as important ways in which to overcome those issues, will make lesson planning much easier as you can use the learning styles and learning boundaries to mould your sessions. For more skilled/experienced students I would set a task which would keep them engaged but would be nearby if any problems arose. For less skilled/new students I would have prepared a differentiated activity, maybe give one to one tutoring and keep reassuring them at all times. Also the students who are less familiar with the work are sometimes helped by their peers, which gives those students a sense of achievement in helping their fellow students. A good tutor is one who has time, listens to any problems, answers questions and tries not to make students feel uncomfortable in anyway (Petty 2004).
A tutor should know their students and their abilities and plan sessions accordingly. Through personal practice I have demonstrated by using different strategies for individual students’s needs and have set plans accordingly. All students have different learning

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