Essay on Plans Don't Work

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Life keeps going. Jack gives his statement and goes to counseling. The police tell Jack there won't be a case. At least, it is unlikely. No other evidence exists of the murder, and Jack can't provide enough information to sketch a picture of the victim or the murderer. When he hears the news, Jack only nods and says okay. When the police leave. Jack, alone in his house, cries again. His dog runs up to him, trying to offer comfort. He wraps his arms around Fluffy, buries his face into Fluffy's neck to muffle his crying, and sobs. He manages to stop himself after a few minutes. Then, he decides he won't think about it anymore.

Except, now Fluffy needs a bath and Jack needs to wipe away mucus. Step 1, clean my face. Step 2, wash Fluffy. Step 3, never think about it. Plan formed, Jack actuates it.

A month passes. Jack spends it reading. Because Jack constantly visits the library, the librarians know his name, and he knows theirs. When he isn't reading, Jack is with his friends. He never gives himself fa moment to reflect on his last day of high school. The psychologist constantly warns Jack he will have to confront the memory. Jack ignores him.

Today, Jack is at the beach with his friends. His current book is some game novelization he never bothered learning the name of. Jack holds it up to block the sun. The sky is a clear blue, so the sun shines harshly upon him. The slight ocean breeze mitigates the effects though. He watches his friends. They…