Plans Don't Work Essay

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Jack loves the Internet. It gave him a sense of escape. If he had to pick a specific part of the Internet, he always claims he would choose tumblr. He knows it is not truly a place to consider a “safe place” where one can freely express opinions and vent emotions, but he treats it as one. After all, no one would read anything of his; he is too boring, too normal, too unremarkable, so he posts whatever comes to mind. It serves as a place to reflect on past opinions, a journal he has no fear of losing. His wonderful rhapsodies on the subject are always abruptly ended when he notices the time. Much like he has right now. It is already midnight, but he has to be awake at 5 AM. With the fear of not being able to stay awake tomorrow, he quickly shuts off all his various devices: an iPad, a computer, a laptop, and a TV. Then he sets the alarm on his iPhone and gets on his bed.

His dog is already there. The dog is male and named Fluffy. His sister thought it would be funny to use something so cliché. The name always reminds him of Harry Potter and Hagrid. Fluffy is a small dog, a mongrel from a shelter. More importantly to Jack, Fluffy is taking up almost all the space of the queen sized bed in spite of being less than two feet across, but he's used to it. He pushes Fluffy over and curls up under his blankets; there are four of them. He falls asleep quickly, more tired than he originally thought.

In a blink, Jack's alarm is ringing. It's lowed, persistent,…