Plant Based Diet

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It is unfortunate that the majority of the population is missing out on the opportunity to easily better their health and wellness, especially when the rate of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes has drastically increased over the last fifty years. It is completely within one’s power to prevent those specific illnesses and diseases, as well as many others. Learning about one’s body and what nutrition it actually needs to function is the most important knowledge to obtain when one is trying to better his or her health. Too often, the foods ingested as a population are lacking in essential ingredients which would nourish everyone’s bodies in the most efficient way. In the long run, humans will deteriorate at a much faster pace if they lacked the proper diet throughout life. In order for a person to maintain his or her best overall health, he or she needs to choose a plant-based diet which focuses on a surplus of fruits and vegetables while excluding animal proteins and processed foods. A surplus intake of fruits and vegetables each day will influence one’s health in a positive way. There are multiple benefits to consistent consumption of fruits and vegetables that one’s body craves in order to operate at its best. Many clinical studies have been conducted and show that not only does consuming fruits and vegetables on a daily…
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