Plant Hormone Research Paper

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Materials and Methods This study was completed at Iowa State University. Six large, agar petri plates were chosen for the study. All six plates were in the same location, had the same agar, sunlight access, and elevation. All six plates were arranged for the experiment in the same method; the plates were prepared under an uncontaminated hood, 10 seeds of each plant were placed gently on the agar on separate spots, the same amount of overall liquid was given to the plates, and they were all sealed and labeled for transportation. The six plots were individually given a treatment. Two of the plates were treated with 3.0 mL of Gibberellic Acid (GB). We chose to treat two of them with the same amount to see if our overall outcome was about the same. The second two plates were treated with 1.5 mL of Gibberellic Acid and 1.5 mL of deionized water (DI). Again, we treated two with the same amount to validate our results. The third two plates were treated with 3.0 mL of DI water; this was our control plate which did not receive any of the hormone. These treatment amounts were chosen by wanting to conduct an experiment having one treated with all hormone, half hormone and half DI water, and just DI water. We wanted to determine what effects the hormone had on the root length and stem length. For all six plates, the same two types of seeds were used, Radish and Basil, and the hormone used was Gibberellic Acid. The six plates were all prepared on March 5 and given their specific
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