Plant Reproduction Essay

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Plants have two different ways to reproduce. The first one is vegetative reproduction. With this type all the plants that have the same parent have the same genetic make-up. This also lets plants pass adaptations on that they have abtained over the years. Plants with good genetic make-up usually spread quickly and take over an area. An example of this would be the dandelion. These plants can sprout from any part of the plant. An example of this is the potato, farmers will pick the potatoes and cut them into small pieces and then plant them again so they may grow again. Scientists have also placed a branch from one tree and place it on another one; it is now possible to buy an apple tree with six different branches and six different types…show more content…
Many plants have both the male and female reproductive parts on the same plant like corn, others like spinach don’t. Plants also have spores because of meiosis; these spores then grow into haploid gameophytes which produce gametes for fertilization. Plants produce to spores, one is the microspore, which is the male part, and the other is the megaspore, which is the female part. A pollen grain is young male gameophyte enclosed in a protective wall. When fertilization takes place the wall is destroyed and the pollen is transferred to the pistil. Cross-pollination is when a pollen grain is blown to another plant or carried by an animal. Pollen maturation starts when the pollen lands on the stigma and a pollen tube grows toward the ovule. For this to work the proteins of the male and female must be compatible. Only on pollen tube can grow into each ovule but there is normally more than one of them. The ovule must form inside of the megaspore and then develop into an embryo sac. The embryo sac contains eight haploid nuclei: three at the end of the micropyle, one is the egg nucleus, three at the opposite end, and two polar nuclei. When fertilization takes place it may only take an hour after pollination. Some plants like barley however take about two months. Double fertilization also takes place, that is when one sperm fertilizes the egg, and the other forms an endosperm. When the seed and fruit
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