Plant Structure and Function Essay

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Plant structure and function

Aug. 4, 2005


In the lab exercise regarding plant structure and function, we examined slides containing the different kinds of roots (monocot, dicot). We labeled the parts and pointed out the different roles of each in the plant structure. Also, we examined monocot stems and dicot stems in order to familiarize ourselves with its external and internal structures. We sketched and labeled the parts of the stem and looked closely at the positions of each part. In the last part of the lab, we classified leaves into different kinds according to their leaf venation, bases of leaves, and apices of leaves. As an additional exercise, we sketched 20 animals and classified them according to phylum and
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The stem is one of the most vital parts of a plant. It holds almost all the major parts of a plant; the leaves, nodes, and buds. Roots are also attached to the stem and water passes through it. The basic functions of a plant would not proceed without the presence of the stem, which also houses the vascular bundle. The purpose of the experiment is for the students to be able to point out the location of the vascular bundles and its parts, and also to be able to deduce their primary function in a plant structure. By also differentiating the monocot stem from a dicot stem, the students should be able to differentiate the unique functions of a monocot stem from a dicot stem, and also be able to discover each kind's unique characteristics. Also, in the dicot stem, the students should be able to notice the difference in a growing dicot stem and gain a fuller understanding of how large plants (such as trees) mature from a small herbaceous plant.

The leaf is the flattened lateral outgrowth of the stem. In a way, it is a form of extension of the stem. The leaf is usually the structure for getting sunlight for photosynthesis and also for getting carbon dioxide. These 2 raw materials are needed for Photosynthesis. Transpiration or the loss of water also occurs in the leaves in order for the plant to be stable. The leaf also has a vascular bundle like the stem and roots, but differ in its arrangement. Leaves can be classified in
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