Plants and Intellegence

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Have you ever wonder if plants have intellect? Although plants have no brains there are reasons to believe that plants can communicate, measure time, recognise related plants, and have memory. If these theories that plants were to have intelligence were proven whole new doors could swing open for scientists, and could change views on evolution and change the views on the world and its plants. Science could look deeper into how beings have intelligence without a brain, and the human race could expand our knowledge of the plant kingdom. But how do plants have intellect? To understand plant intelligence, one must understand the basics of plants. “Plants are found on land, in oceans, and in fresh water. They have been on Earth for millions of years.” Plants were on Earth before animals and there are currently about 260,000 species of plants. There are many of plants throughout the world but there is one thing they all have one thing in common. Photosynthesis. Without photosynthesis plants couldn’t exist. Plants and animals could not survive without each other. Animals, including humans, do the opposite of photosynthesis; we “breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide” meaning “we give plants more carbon dioxide, and they give us more oxygen.” Not only does photosynthesis create oxygen but “photosynthesis is how plants eat.” This process allows plants to create sugars by taking energy from the sun. Since plants are stationary and cannot move to find food , they make

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