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Nature of Plastic Surgery
A nip here, a tuck there and now science is making it easier to change the appearance of one’s self. It’s called plastic surgery and now more than ever people are taking part in these risky surgical producers. Not only are there obvious risks taken on one’s self when the decision is made but risks are also taken when it comes to the impact on family, friends, and the doctors performing these dangerous acts. The risks associated with plastic surgery makes this procedure a bad decision.
When a patient decides to go through with the procedure him/her is notified of the shocking and even deadly risks associated with the surgery. Plastic surgery complications can range from scarring to fatalities and the effects of
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Another risk associated with plastic surgery is what your friends and family will think. There is always the chance that they will view you in a different light. A risk is that they will treat you completely different then they did before or have a change in opinion not only of your appearance but also your character.
Mistakes by doctors are becoming a popular topic of conversation and another risk to say no to plastic surgery. Doctors, like everyone in the world, make mistakes. Unfortunately however these mistakes can cost thousands of dollars to correct if correctable at all. The carelessness of a doctor and the inherent risks of any surgical procedure all also present in plastic surgery.
The risks associated with plastic surgery makes this procedure a bad decision. The personal risks are the biggest downfall of plastic surgery. The high cost and endless list of complications are reasons not to make the decision to get plastic surgery. After one does go through with the procedure the risks of family and friends being displeased with the outcome is also a pitfall. Last but certainly not least the mistakes by doctors are all reasons why people could be proud of their image and why they should stand clear of any operating rooms. Plastic

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