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6. Treatment with Platelet-Rich Plasma is More Effective Than Placebo for Knee Osteoarthritis16 In this prospective, double-blind, randomized trial, 78 patients with bilateral knee osteoarthritis (totaling 156 knees) were divided into three treatment groups. Group A received a single PRP injection, group B received two PRP injections 3 weeks apart and group C was used as a control group, receiving a single saline injection. Clinical outcomes were measured using WOMAC and VAS. The patients completed these surveys before treatment, at six weeks, three months and again at six months. Statistically significant improvements were seen in groups A and B after two weeks and the improvement continued through to the six-month follow-up, though the…show more content…
By the end of the six-month trial, 67.3% of patients in group A were satisfied and 64% in group B. Only 4.3% of patients in group C reported being satisfied while 89.1% said they were completely dissatisfied with the procedure (as would be expected from receiving the control saline injection). Aligning with the prior experiments, Patel et al. concluded that PRP is best used as a short-term treatment but is indeed more beneficial than placebo. Researchers also deemed that a single dose of PRP is just as effective as two doses, which is beneficial in saving resources. Lastly, they noted that staged injections may advantageous once the benefits of the first injection begin to wane. 7. Does Intra-Articular Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Improve Function, Pain and Quality of Life in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee? A Randomized Clinical Trial17 This study used a control group to compare the effects of therapeutic exercise alone versus therapeutic exercise coupled with PRP injections. They analyzed improvements in pain, functionality and QOL in the patient’s osteoarthritic knees. This was a small study that recruited 62 patients who were split between control and experimental groups. Both groups completed baseline WOMAC and SF-36 questionnaires (measuring vitality, pain and functionality with both physical and mental health components). For the intervention group, two rounds of intra-articular PRP treatment were administered four weeks
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