Plastic And Its Effects On Plastic

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Plastic is one of the most important material for items production because plastic is very flexible. For examples, water bottle can be made with plastic, chair can be made with plastic, and utensils can be made with plastic. Plastic has helped many manufacture company to reduce the cost for material and increase the amount of production. As a result plastic is a very helpful material for human. However, plastic is also one of the major consequences human are facing, because production of new plastic items are increasing but the old plastic items are not decreasing. Therefore, causing numerous places to have piles of plastics, and ocean is the place that contains most of the plastic waste. As a result, many sea species are being kill by these plastic waste that human dump into the ocean. According to the article “Polymers Are Forever” by Alan Weisman, he wrote that “In 1975, the U.S. National Academy of Science had estimated that all oceangoing vessels together dumped 8 million pounds of plastic annually” (Weisman). The quote demonstrated how much plastic was dumped into the ocean forty-years ago. Over the forty years, human’s population is continuously increasing, which mean amount of plastic will also increase because most of the product are made by plastic. Therefore, human are once again ignoring the consequence of over producing plastic, and continue with the benefit that plastic provides. Moreover, plastic will not only affect sea animals, it will affect the quality of

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