Plastic Bags And The Environmental Damage

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Plastic bag is an important invention of modern humans, it was only for a short time from which was invented to widely used in human history. When plastic bags become one of the most necessities goods in our life, we have not realized that if we do not handle the waste of plastic bags properly, it will become our disaster. ‘White Pollution’ is no longer a strange word but it actually reminds us that this is a serous problem. This essay will examine the relationship between plastic bags and the environmental damage; moreover, in this essay it will try to find solutions to solve this problem.

Plastic bags: born for killer of environment
The first plastic bags named ‘baggies’ in 1975 in the United States of America (Leo Hickman 2009). For the original use of plastic bag is to convenient and easy carrying food. In a long time, people dependence on plastic bags is embodied in many aspects of daily life, it makes people ignore what and how plastic bags contribute to environmental damage. The cost of produce plastic bags is low and plastic products are using a wide range, especially in large retailers, offering free plastic bags is one of the most basic service and standard for customers in a large supermarket.

Marine and soil pollution
The damage of plastic bags pollution is not just the white pollution in the vision for environmental problems, in the depth, not degradability is the main factor that why it is becoming a serious problem for using plastic bags. It

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