Plastic : Defining The Causes Of The Current Plastic Surgery Epidemic

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Pretty in Plastic: Defining The Causes of The Current Plastic Surgery Epidemic

There are many reasons why someone may want to change his or her physical appearance, and many of these reasons are out of people 's control. Cosmetic practices and plastic surgery have become more pervasive in modern day society. Plastic surgery is defined as any cosmetic procedure that allows one to reconstruct his or her physical appearance. Although plastic surgery has some benefits, such as the ability to reconstruct genetic deformities that one has no control over, many of the people who undergo plastic surgery do it for non-essential reasons. Plastic surgery can authentic an individual 's goals for beauty if it is necessary, and as long as the individual has higher self-confidence and a higher sense of self. Though this is typically not the case, many of these reasons range from different media and cultural along with societal influences, to an insufficient sense of self, and paired with certain psychological disorders. They opt in favor of cosmetic procedures for a variety of different reasons, characteristically not the right ones, which leaves room for different risks and drawbacks.

Plastic surgery, Hollywood, and celebrities often come hand in hand. Fabricated images of beauty are seen everywhere in the media. What is not seen is the extensive amount of work this ideal image often has behind it; there is frequently a process that takes place. Aesthetic practices that make someone look

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