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The pH of different liquids before and after they are filtered Problem Does filtering different liquids cause the pH to change? Hypothesis: The pH of the dirty water and the salt/bicarb soda/sugar water will change the most drastically when they are filtered. Aim: To investigate the effectiveness of a natural water filter on the pH of different liquids. Materials: • Green Science Clean Water Kit (includes plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rocks, and filter paper) • pH Indicator strips • Liquid measuring cup • Bowls (x3) • 1 Teaspoon measurement • 1 Tablespoon measurement • Plastic cups; clear (15~ 2 for each of the 6 liquids and 1 for a comparison water sample) • Small bowl of garden dirt • 2 tablespoons of salt (table/rock…show more content…
Make a contaminated water sample: Using a clean plastic spoon, mix 1 cup of water in a small bowl with garden dirt. Add ¼ teaspoon of vegetable oil with a medicine dropper to the water mixture, approximately 4-6 drops. Mix the oil and the dirt together until everything is combined into the water. Pour the dirty water into a clear plastic cup. 4. Test the pH of the contaminated water using pH indicator strips. Record the pH of the water sample and then begin the filtering…show more content…
Carefully place the filter column on top of another clear plastic cup. Slowly pour half of the water mixture into the filter. The water should move between each section of the filter drop by drop. Meanwhile, continue to mix the contaminated sample with a spoon so the dirty doesn’t settle at the bottom. 6. Once the contaminated water is filtered retest the pH of the water and compare the pH of the contaminated water to the pH of the filtered water. You should also record any other observations that you make about the filtered water. For example, if the filtered water has any grit or dirt still visible in it. 7. Boil 1 cup of water in an electric kettle. Place the teabag in the mug and pour the cup of boiling water into the mug and let it sit for 15 minutes (timed) undisturbed. Remove and discard the tea bag and let the tea cool down as you proceed with the following steps. 8. (Maybe talk about taking filter apart and rinsing) 9. Place 1 cup of powerade in a clear plastic cup. Test the pH of the sports drink using pH indicator strips. Carefully place the filter on top of a clean, clear plastic cup. Slowly pour half of the sports drink into the filter, and watch as it moves between the filter drop by
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