Plastic Pollution And Its Effects On Our Society

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Our world has become infatuated with the idea of “fast, easy, and comfortable” consumption. We’ve grown accustomed to accommodating a fast pace lifestyle but we have forgotten about the repercussions of our actions. So many products have become “single use” or disposable, from our individually wrapped food to our hygiene products. Since the discovery of plastic it has become the go to material of choice due to its cheap price of production. Unfortunately because of its high production rate and the fact that it’s essentially non-biodegradable it has started to consume our planet from landfills, to rivers, and our oceans. When talking about plastic pollution people usually think about plastic bags and bottles but another huge product of plastic waste is a toothbrush. Currently there’s about 323,060,000 people in the United states; if you take a very rough estimate that there’s at least 5 million people/ babies who don’t have teeth, subtract that from the population, and then estimate that the average person goes through 3 tooth brushes a year, you end up with 955,800,000 toothbrushes being thrown away per year. That’s 1 billion toothbrushes from America alone, disregarding the fact that your dentist recommends you change your toothbrush at least 4 times a year. Plastic is generally what the average toothbrush is made of. Little plastic beads are poured into a mold and then heated up till they reach a “doughy” consistency, rubber detailing is then added for looks and texture
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