Plastic Shopping Bags

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The following results from the merchant banking business for about 150 plastic shopping bags questionnaire. Most major subsidiary bodies rendering issue concerning capital management of commercial banking services. Some banks have also taken a leading distribution merger commitments.
During the decade of the most innovative financial services PSBs are activated , resulting in its infancy . The World Bank also believes that the Indian banking system is still a large number of inefficient state-controlled system , rather than compete with each other . Some issues are framed questionnaire to gauge the views of executives PSBs to improve financial services related to the main subsidiary bodies. The main issues to improve the results of the subsidiary bodies of the principal subsidiaries of the 150 officials, agency personnel management related financial services has been discussed below.

 In answer to the first question , executives principal subsidiary bodies of the sample in favor of a more aggressive marketing strategy, merchant banking business in order to compete with other commercial banks organizations.80% to bring "The answer is ," 20% give the answer "no ."

 The second question is based on the World Bank's proposal to reduce the proportion of government ownership of 33% of plastic shopping bags. In answering this question 86% of the respondents expressed their views just because they believe it will automatically reduce the operational level of unfair political
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