Plastic Surgery: A Debate

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1. Supporter: Plastic surgery is probably one of the most important technologies developed in the recent years, considering the numerous benefits that it provides people with. Image is everything in the contemporary society and it would be unfortunate if some nature prevented some perfectly capable individuals from properly integrating the social order. Also, we mustn't forget about individuals who perform plastic surgery because they were either born with an abnormality or because they suffered an accident (Panjari, M., Bell, R. J., Fradkin, P., Davis, S. R.). These people find it very difficult to be accepted and thus need to focus on removing some of their imperfections with the purpose of being able to succeed. Surely, society is unjust, but considering that one of the only solution is to join the social order in appreciating particular values it would be wrong for someone to deny themselves the right to look better. Opponent: I agree that the present-day society greatly emphasizes the importance of physical appearance, but social acceptance is not the only method to build self-esteem. A healthy society also appreciates its members as a result of the way that they think and as a consequence of the way that they act. You can observe that a great deal of successful individuals is not necessarily physically attractive. Does this mean that these people should have been demoralized as a result of their looks and refrain from pursuing their dreams at the moment when they
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