Plastic Surgery: A Symptom of Vanity

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Plastic surgery is...vanity Plastic surgery is a symptom of the vanity of our society. This assertion, of course, may immediately cause some readers to take issue with such a blanket statement. What about individuals who undertake plastic surgery to reconstruct their breasts after a mastectomy, they cry? What about people who have been disfigured in car crashes? Few would take issue with genuine, necessary plastic surgery to correct serious flaws. However, the obsession with physical perfection in our society is the main reason that plastic surgery has become so commonplace today. Instead of looking inward, people are looking outward, and attempting to correct dissatisfaction with their inner lives through altering their exterior appearances. The end result leaves them empty, unfulfilled, and often results in the impairment of their physical health. The fastest-growing demographic of plastic surgery patients is young women, the age group one might think least in need of enhancement. Many years ago, plastic surgery was once considered the practice of older women attempting to regain their youth. However, today, the obsession with perfection is so stringent, even young teenagers cannot meet the standards set by the media. "I have really low self-esteem," admitted one teen seeking breast implants, stating that after seeing her mother and sister get the surgery she wanted implants as well (Thompson 2010). Teens who are insecure and seeking role models look around them, and

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