Plastic Surgery And Its Body / Appearance

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pinion Paper Plastic Surgery to Enhance One’s Body/Appearance A person may enhance one’s appearance in a number of ways. Methods such as make up and plastic surgeries are the most common ways to alter a person’s look. However society is very hypocritical of plastic surgery and considers it to be immoral or scandalous. People may disapprove of plastic surgery because of claims that it is done for vanity, the drastic, irreversible effects it may do to the body, and how dangerous and risky the procedures are. Additionally people believe plastic surgeries are being done to oneself for all the wrong reasons. Although I believe that plastic surgery is unnecessary to improve one’s looks, it is no ones place to judge someone for choosing to do this procedure. Therefore I am in favor with plastic surgery as long as it is not excessive. I do believe that performing plastic surgery is truly unnecessary in many cases. Individuals who are even thinking about getting plastic surgery on themselves for cosmetic reasons may have self-esteem issues and should find other ways to uplift and love themselves. Self-esteem is very important into valuing yourself and one’s self-image. Simply appreciating oneself for who he/she is helps one feel good about themself and everything they do. Honoring yourself and being around positive people that can uplift and encourage positive energy and attitude. Behind the constant attention to social media can possibly cause destruction of self-esteem and a
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