Plastic Surgery Becomes More Popular

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As time progresses, plastic surgery becomes more popular. Plastic surgery isn’t just what’s seen on TV and on social media; plastic surgery is much more than facelifts, rhinoplasty, and breast enhancements. In fact, “plastic surgery is anything that undergoes the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body.” (Reconstructive Surgery) The facelift Kris Jenner recently just had done is equally considered plastic surgery as an ordinary person getting an extra finger removed. These are both types of plastic surgery, but they’re treated completely differently. A woman who gets cosmetic surgery gets scorned for getting the procedure done, yet the person who went in to remove their extra finger does not. In reality, these issues are quite similar. Plastic surgery is often the last resort for those who want to desperately change how they look; those who get plastic surgery done are quickly judged for doing so; however, both men and women should consider the reasons why a person might want plastic surgery; the reasons behind this may be deeper than one thought. Those who get plastic surgery get it for numerous reasons; one reason they get it done is for serious medical purposes. Those who seek plastic surgery for medical purposes are doing it to fix abnormalities caused by accidents, birth defects, and medical issues developed over time. An example of this would be a driver in a serious car accident getting their finger ripped off by the force that hit them.…
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