Plastic Surgery : Cosmetic And Cosmetic Surgery

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I) Definition Cosmetic and plastic surgery According to the merriam-Webster website, plastic surgery is another common word for Cosmetic Surgery which means, in general, a type of operation to improve parts of the body. The medical term of Plastic Surgery comes from Greek in 1638. Cosmetic is a type of ornamental surgery which helps patients to reform and rebuild part or demonstrative of their body in order to embellish their appearance and be beautiful. The defect for that could be congenital or obtained after an accident or injury in any part of the person 's body. So many people think there is no different in the meaning between cosmetic and plastic surgeries, Indeed, they have slightly different in the goals, but the meaning is same. Cosmetic surgeries more likely for improving appearance, however, Plastic surgeries for a rebuild and correct appearance. (The American Board Of Cosmetic Surgery). II) Statistics on plastic surgeries The Cosmetic surgeries In United State have been increasing rapidly year after year. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), The total spending in 2015 was almost $14 Billion dollars in combined (surgical and nonsurgical). In addition, cosmetic surgeries were 58% that showed increasing in 8-billion-dollar comparing with 2014. (ASAPS, 2016) Para 1. In the eastern and western part of United States have the highest percentages cosmetic surgeries which are near to 18 % for each. In fact, The
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