Plastic Surgery In South Korea

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It’s no secret how much South Korea has invested in the plastic surgery industry. In fact, you might have heard or read about South Korea’s rise as one of the top countries involved with plastic surgery. In 2014, South Korea contributed approximately 24% to the world’s plastic surgery market, with just under 300,000 medical tourists. Younger and younger demographics have been more prone to go under the knife at least once, as double eyelid surgery (eye surgery in which a crease is added to the eyelid) has now become a typical high school graduation gift.

So then, why has plastic surgery become such a social normality in South Korea?

Almost every time I have some down-time, I open my laptop and go straight to YouTube. Most of the time, the videos that I watch are K-pop videos, Korean TV dramas or Korean entertainment shows-- and I’m not the only one doing so.

K-pop and South Korea’s entertainment industry has a large influence on South Korea’s society. Although the viewers are dispersed throughout the world, we have one thing in common: whenever we look at our screen, we concentrate on one thing—the multiple small, pale-faced celebrities, who have big eyes, a high-bridged nose and a v-shaped jaw. But it doesn’t stop there. Many celebrities will continue to advertise products that will help your skin look brighter or tools that will slim your face. The advertisements will also promote clinics and dermatologists during commercial breaks on a regular basis.

South Korea’s
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