Essay on Plastic Surgery In South Korea

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The South Korean’s seeming fascination with cosmetic surgery is frequently reported on both in Asia and the West, largely for its recounted abnormal use rate by both women and men. Though there is a deficiency in dependable data regarding the amounts of individuals who select to endure cosmetic surgery in South Korea, the statistics are substantial. The estimations range from 15 to 30 percent of all South Koreans have endured some method of plastic surgery, the statistics pertaining to certain age groups of females being characteristically greater (Kim, 2010). This is obviously a huge social issue, and one that eludes simplistic explanations, and perplexes academics and policy makers in Korea. What is emerging from this research is that …show more content…
In conventional depictions of feminineness in the Korean cultural illusory, the females' fate is to writhe in that she should be recognized within the civilization and society of males, while men are allowed to be members automatically. In this perspective, cosmetic surgery is purely comprehended as a modern expression of women’s obedience to this reason, in which females have to control their figures and be ready to suffer corporeal agony in order to develop into the perfect women.
An alternative, yet frequently mentioned impetus for plastic surgery is the assertion that Korean women merely wish to imitate Western aesthetic standards (Savage, 2011). This reason classically comes from research into supposed ‘ethnic’ plastic surgery, which normally depicts minority ethnic people in Western countries as being subjected to hegemonic racism, outlining plastic surgery as an effort to escape persevering cultural prejudgment that compares their typecast inherited corporeal qualities. This research emphasizes double-eyelid surgeries, nose re-shaping and skin lightening, for example, as indication of an effort to be closer to a ‘white’ standard and, thus, evade discrimination. It is argued that a crucial issue regarding

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