Plastic Surgery Is Not Always Evil

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Is Plastic Surgery a helpful tool to modify your body in order to feel confident or just another deadly weapon? Throughout the years, the word ‘Perfect’ has caused a war between people and their physical image causing them to make an outrageous decision of changing how they look and feel, not only on the outside but also on the inside. They undergo many operations just to please others. Just like a Ying-Yang symbol; there’s always bad in good, vice versus. Plastic surgery is not always evil. For example, a young girl had gotten in a tragic fire accident which left her with a massive scar on her face and body, this is where Plastic Surgery would be a useful tool. It would not only fix this girl 's face but it would also bring happiness and not to be teased and stared at everywhere she goes. Or if women were to successfully fought breast Cancer but was only left with scars where her breast should be, this kind of operation would help this woman bring confidence in who she was. These procedures with not only get rid of traumatizing scars but also of horrible memories of how they got them. Walter Yeo, a British sailor during World War I, is often cited as the first known person to have benefited from plastic surgery.
Walter sustained terrible facial injuries, including the loss of his upper and lower eyelids, while manning the guns aboard the HMS Warspite in 1916 during the Battle of Jutland.
In 1917, he was treated by Sir Harold Gillies, the first man to use skin…

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