Plastic Surgery

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Due Date:
Persuasive Outline and Speech Presentation: Due in Dropbox (Outline) and on YouTube (Video) on or before TUESDAY, October 15, 2013 (11:50PM)
Assignment Details:

Purpose and Information:
The persuasive speech is deliberative. It employs emotion, credibility, and logic to convince an audience that a narrowly defined action is beneficial. The persuasive proposition (thesis) is generally supported by two to three main ideas which employ about two to three pieces of evidence each.
You will be using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (p. 139-140 in the hard-copy textbook) to organize your speech. This organizational pattern focuses on the audience’s motivation and getting the audience to act. Following the steps in the sequence is
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Use the sources you found while preparing your Annotated Bibliography Assignment.

Keep these things in mind while preparing your presentation:


Why are you talking about this subject to this group of people at this time and in this place? What will be accomplished as a result of this endeavor? What are your ethical obligations to this subject and this audience? Are you a "good person speaking well?"

Supporting Materials

What background materials have you selected to provide context for your speech?
What types of verbal and visual evidence have you selected to support your thesis? Why? Have you evaluated the credibility of your evidence?


How have you arranged the supporting material to interest and involve this audience? How have you created a strategic argument?

Delivery & Rehearsal

Have you developed a relationship with this speech? How do you plan to use your voice and body to make this speech effective? What is your rehearsal schedule?

References and Works cited

Cite all works according to APA style guidelines

Persuasive Speech Sample Outline
(the text in red does not need to be included in your outline)

Speech Title: The High Cost of Medication: How We Can Help Ourselves

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