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1 Contents 1 Thesis statement 1 2 Introduction 1 3 Plastic Surgery 5 3.1 Methods 1 3.2 Reasons 3 3.3 Reputation of Plastic surgery 3 3.4 Pro´s and Con´s 4 3.5 Safeness 4 4 Discussion 7 2 Thesis statement “Plastic surgery does not always work” The following text deals with the plastic surgery. Whether plastic surgery always works is questionable. When people hear about plastic surgery, most of them tend to connect it with Hollywood. At the present time it is no longer surprising that people operate their body parts, even at the age of 18. But why not think about reconstructive surgery. There are thousands of cases of skin cancer, sears or deformity of body parts. The following paragraphs also report issues such as,…show more content…
The number of people who want to look as young as possible through cosmetic and operational methods is increasing enormously. About 40,000 Austrians - 90 percent of women - put themselves under the knife each year. And nearly 11,5 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in the U.S in 2005 3 Plastic Surgery 3.1. History The first applications of plastic surgery have been over 2000 years ago in ancient India, described “Ayur -Veda ". There were attempts to restore noses from the forehead skin, as it was the custom to cut off criminals for punishment ears, nose and lips. First this type of “operation” appeared in 1450 in a similar way in Italy. There, the Sicilian doctor Branca from Catania took the forearm skin for nasal reconstruction. Since at the time the general public as willed by God viewed mutilations and the doctors came up with plastic surgery and the method employed in disrepute into oblivion. In the 19th century, the rhino plastic experienced the first time recognition. The German surgeon Dieffenbach, documented 1824 the first rhino plastic for purely aesthetic reasons, on a butcher's wife with a quite big nose. The first face-lifts were performed in 1919 in France. Some time later, breast augmentations in Japan were performed. For this purpose, initially autologous fat grafting was performed. As the early 20th Century Jacques Joseph docked protruding ears and published this,

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