Plastic Surgery : The Dangers Of Addiction To Cosmetic Surgery

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Nowadays many people go under the knife to enhance their look and features, just to be beautiful in the eyes of others. Yet I’m not talking about having one procedure done, there are many cases known that a patient has 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day! Cosmetic surgery is becoming more profitable business for doctors, they deal exclusively with human appearance and far less from the perspective of natural beauty. The exclusive morality behind the human’s mindset by accepting and willing to go under the knife is being influenced in society, media and individual’s mental health. Studies have been proven that having multiple plastic surgeries at once, puts the patient’s life at risk! For example, the risk will be associated with the extended time under general anesthesia which that creates cardiovascular complications and of course longer recovery period. Addiction to plastic surgery is a body dysmorphic disorder wherein an individual is consistently having many procedures over and over again. According to the recent study “Nearly one in ten patients seeking facial plastic surgery suffers from a mental illness that distorts their perception of physical defects”. This disorder is a very unhealthy obsession, because in their mind, happiness is all linked to beauty. Even though that person will be beautiful to others, but they always overcome the negative feelings about their body or face. The three factors that lead into dysmorphic disorder is when an individual is having

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