Essay on Plastic Surgery for Teenagers

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Plastic Surgery is a controversial topic nowadays. Some men and women believe that plastic surgery is a great chance to have finally the body, face, and even romantic life always dreamed about. In the U.S. the plastic surgery television shows have made these ideas more popular and common than ever. Some men and women have other reasons for want plastic surgery Such as people who want plastic surgery have disfigurements to the face or body because of birth defects or genetic problems. The rise in plastic surgery in U.S. is a bad sign for future. Plastic surgery is not always a good thing for everyone. Cosmetic surgery should be prohibited for teenagers and people having psychological problems.
Plastic surgery can be bad for teenagers
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Also we can have a law about tests for psychology problems. Surgeons must be required to do more tests with patients and test for suicidal tendency, obsess for the face or body, depression and unrealistic feeling about surgery benefits.
Plastic surgery reasons are not only reasons for cosmetic surgery because many people need cosmetic surgery to recover normal life from injury or burn. In the U.S. today, this is a serious issue to recent wars. In the U.S. war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are sometimes injured or burned. Plastic surgery can give them normal face, hand or life again. For instance, since 2001, about 900 U.S. service members have been injured with severe burns in Iraq and Afghanistan and many of these burns are on face (Dao par. 6). Of course, other people suffer burns or face disfiguring due to fires or accidents. Also, other people are born with genetic problems, like disease disfigures about the face or body and birth defects that is making a face or body look not normal.
Some men and women support plastic surgery because the plastic surgery improves their bodies. For example, people can get plastic surgery for face improvements like eye or chin tucks. Also, there are body improvements like breast implants or stomach tucks. Plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons is getting more popular. In the United States, the money people have paid for plastic surgery has increased from 2000 to 2005 in the number of
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