Plastic To Oil Research Paper

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For many decades plastic was used for numerous things such as water bottles to tires. But what concerns researchers now is the conversion of plastic to oil, without the dangers of extracting oil from the Earth. Many of us plastic is a part of our daily lives from retail to the average Joe down the street working on his garage. Some do not realize the dangers of plastic and what it has done to the planet, others, have realized the dangers and are seen as crazy conservationists. Recently, a group of researchers in China have found a way to convert raw plastic to oil. While back at home in the U.S. there are a few companies that have been working on this since the late 90’s and early 2000’s. There are several ways this conversion will benefit you.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch will be most likely one of the first plastic dumps to disappear. Which makes it a
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Then in the past few years in Oklahoma, fracking has caused a series of mini quakes. These are just some of the reasons why using the conversion of plastic to oil is safer than drilling.

The Great Pacific garbage patch is one example on why we should start recycling plastic to oil. Plastic2Oil is a company based in New York that produces three main styles of oil from plastic. Lastly the safety of the conversion is he much higher than drilling for many reasons. Although this will not be in full scale production for many years, it may be shunned by major oil companies. In the long run it would benefit us all for having a safer greener
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