Plastic Trash : A Piece Of Trash

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More Than We Think

If there is trash on the floor do we simply pick it up and throw it away, or do we leave it there for someone else to do. If everyone in the world had the same thinking mentality of “ It’s just one piece of trash, it’s not hurting anyone or causing a problem”. Do you think it would still just be a piece of trash. To think that, that one piece of trash could help you decide who you’re going to be and how you affect the outcome in you life as well as others. Would you second guess that pieces of trash. Overtime people would walk past that one piece and along the way more pieces of trash began to surround it. To think those people who passed and left their trash would scoff and say it’s just one piece of trash and I am just a person what would it do if I threw away this one piece.
That piece became a pile and so forth. Now think of it in its opposite form. What if we viewed it as we should throw this piece away, as simple as that. Even if it was a few people or just that one. It only does take one person to start a chain reaction and a positive one of that. Who knew it would just take a person to make a difference, to change how they viewed things in order to have a more positive outcome.
Whether it may be a more common sense scenario like that or listening to a person express their views with an inspirational moral, we can learn bigger and better things of our true meanings. Take kelley Johnson for example, former Miss Colorado , Second runner up for Miss…

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