Plastic Vs Pollution

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Within the past several years, many people have had heated debates on the topic of what will make this planet greener and more environmentally friendly. Pollution is one of the leading anthropogenic - originating from human activity - causes, and it has been affecting the planet since the time of Ancient Rome. When people discuss pollution many automatically think of plastic, whether that be in lands, waterways, or the ocean, it has the ability to create interruptions in the environment. Because of this controversial topic, it all leads to the long debated question, paper or plastic? People are asked this question everyday, usually towards food shoppers, and it’s the average person's job to make an environmentally conscious decision upon which most are not educationally aware enough to do so. Although many have decided that paper versus plastic war has a simple solution, there are a majority of things that need to be taken into consideration from both sides in order to make the best educated and environmentally sound choice. Many people have been arguing over the paper or plastic debate to decide how and which resource is more cost efficient and does the least amount of damage. Overall, there are many factors that must be put into thought when having to decide on which type of material is considered better for the environment. Plastic has always been a controversial topic in every aspect that it’s apart of. When somebody goes grocery shopping, they have to make a choice at
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