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Statement of Issues

The main problem in this Platinum case is the decision whether or not to single source to Jabaking with the expansion of printing equipment. Because Conrad of Jabaking was instrumental to helping Platinum find their feet and establish its ground in the printing industry in 1992 does not necessarily mean Platinum press has to be indebted to Jabaking thirteen years after. Even though Conrad has always hinted Jim Hicza since 1992 that he expects that Platinum will reward them for the favour in future, business decisions have to made at crucial times even as long term business relationships still has to be sustained. Platinum will have to blend these two crucial business principles if it wants
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Competition is a great way to level the playing field. Competitive bidding drives suppliers down to a market-efficient pricing environment where the negotiation process can work optimally.

But to have a competitive environment in any acquisition, the following conditions must exist:

· Competition: First and foremost, there need to be a number of qualified suppliers in the targeted marketplace—that is, no single or sole source constraints.

· Ability to move: The buyer must be able to move the business away from the current provider; there can be no binding commitments, for example.

· Sufficient Volume: The buyer must have enough volume to warrant interest from a sufficient number of qualified bidders.

· Time for competition: Sufficient time must be available to proceed through the entire competitive process.

· Willingness to change: The buyer's internal line of business groups must be willing to use any of the qualified bidders.

When negotiations follow a structured bid process (RFP, RFQ, auction, and so forth) or when accurate cost data is known for the product or service in question, buyers can usually leverage a negotiation technique known as "competitive bargaining." This is the traditional way of hammering out a deal, marked by hard discussions focused mainly on price and based upon concrete facts. Competitive bargaining can be applied in a wide range of circumstances, even including single-source

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