Plato And Aristotle On Justice And Law

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Plato and Aristotle lived in a time where rule of man was the common practice in government. Under the system of the rule of man, citizens are governed by an individual or small group of rulers. On the other hand, the idea of the rule of law is one that proposes that laws should be supreme over each citizen including the ruler(s). In their writings, Plato and Aristotle focused on justice and law, and the reasons they are important in society. Throughout history, many leaders have looked to these writings in hopes of establishing order and discipline in their nation through law. Although Plato and Aristotle ruled in a world ruled by men, they contributed to the idea of the rule of law, because they explained that laws should be just and the punishment should be proportional to the crime, the laws brings order and discipline to a society, the laws should restrain the people from pleasures, the laws should breed good men and the laws should be supreme. In Plato’s Apology, he tells the story of Socrates’ trial, which shows us why the rule of man doesn’t work, therefore laws should rule the nation. We also find the need for the laws to be just and for the punishment to be proportionate to the crime. Socrates’ charges were brought upon him, because the men in charge believed that through his associations with Alcablades, the soldier that costed Athens the war, and some Spartan, the victors of the war, he was part of the reason they lost the Peleponnessian War. This was unjust…

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