Plato And Aristotle 's Life Essay

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In much of both Plato and Aristotle’s works there seems to be a general trend about the best way to live one’s life and the different facets, actions and experiences one should encounter to reach this position. For Plato such claims can be clearly examined through his work entitled the Phaedo where he tunes into the qualification of what characteristics of human-beings make up the essential pieces to one achieving the best life. Uniquely, in the instance of the Phaedo this comes by means of The Myth of Minotaur where a half-man half-bull is creature is formed, locked away and eventually slain by Theseus. However, such story signifies more than just the killing of beast for Socrates in Plato’s text but rather stands as a metaphor for Socrates’s death in which he represents the beast combined of body and soul slain by Athens. For it is the soul that leads to the best life of rational thinking but being combined with the body creates a beast which is all that is seen by Athens. Aristotle also makes an interpretation as to the best life one is to live in his text entitled Nicomachean Ethics. Throughout this work Aristotle makes continuous points as to why happiness should be the ultimate goal to anyones life. However, this can only be achieved through a life of contemplation and theory. For Aristotle states that in order for one to follow down the path to happiness one needs to be virtuous through contemplation and thought. While Plato and Aristotle have different ways in
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