Plato And Aristotle 's Political Situation

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1. Introduction
Plato and Aristotle are two of the most influential figures in academic history, yet in spite of their intricate relationship, the pair had differing, albeit not always opposing, views on language which could be argued to be a result of the changing politics of the Ancient Greek era.
In this essay I will firstly explore the political situation surrounding the time of both philosophers. Following this, I will expand upon these findings and consolidate them in regards to various language theories held by both Plato and Aristotle and argue that politics did in fact have an impact on their separate approaches.
2. The Political situation 428BCE- 322BCE
2.1 Politics of Plato
Despite differing dates found in research, it seems that Plato was born around 428 BCE. His parents were of good social standing as he had an Ariston father (who had familial connections to royalty in both Athens and Messenia) and his mother had familial connections to Solon, an influential, Greek statesman. As he was a member of the Ancient Greek upper-middle class, Plato was taught by educated tutors, and so was enabled to explore a wide range of topics which focused mainly on ethics. (Allen and Wilbur 1986: 99-101)
Later in life, he became a student and, eventually, good friend of Socrates, but his studies with Socrates were interrupted by the Peloponnesian War where Athens fought against Sparta. Plato himself fought as a soldier in the war and this probably influenced his viewpoint that…
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