Plato And Aristotle 's Views On Political Philosophy Essay

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Introduction: The term “Political Philosophy” is a normative study of state, government, relationships between individual and communities, laws, rights and justice. It depends on the philosophers that can be entangled with ethics, economics and also metaphysics. Political thinkers are the pioneers of “Modern Politics” in the world. The first serious political thinkers emerged in Greece. Plato and Aristotle are two great philosophers of ancient Greece. Plato in his book “The Republic” delivers the concept of utopian society which means an imaginary society in which people live in a perfect environment governed by the laws that provides happiness to everyone. Plato gives the concept of an “Ideal State” in his book, where the justice, education, “Ideal Man” and the best form of government are described. According to Plato, the state is like a human being which consists of three elements- reason, spirit, and appetite. And state should be made of three things-Philosophers, Soldiers and Workers. Plato’s ruler is known as the “Philosopher King” who represents reason. He makes law but he is above law. But Aristotle liked to live in reality. He discovered that the existing society has to be changed (Novelguide, 2014). He mentioned government as the instrument of the state. According to him the formation of city-state is organic. In a state the government can be formed according to people 's birth, number and wealth. Aristotle mainly puts emphasis on the institutions of the state.
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