Plato And Plato : The Allegory Of The Republic

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What is the best regime for a country? What are the presumptions and existing problems for a country to employ one kind of the regime? In Republic, Plato modified a paradise, bringing up the idea of politics, gave out his own definition of justice for the citizen—no meddling or moving of the classes. On the other hand, Aristotle provided his own comprehension about how a city should operate after studied and analysis 158 existing polis. During the discussion about the transition between regimes, Plato and Aristotle provided different comprehension about the regimes, stated their own point about how the transition take place with concrete reasoning and various examples. Firstly, Plato based on his logical deduction when assessing the transformation between different regimes while Aristotle based on his own studies and analysis of different cities. The different evidences Plato and Aristotle employed throughout their reasoning in some ways show their different approaches through their demonstration. Plato mostly employed the examples in the daily life—the examples of the relationship between father and son, olds and youths, teachers and students, masters and slaves (Plato 563b); the precise calculation process (Plato 546c), the analogy— describe the oligarchy governor as drone, and similes and metaphors—describe the light as wisdom and goodness in the allegory of the cave (Plato 516a). These evidences contribute to make Plato’s statement prone to understand, but at the same
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