Plato And Plato 's Republic

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The ancient Greek Philosopher Plato had an interest in finding the ideal government. In Plato’s Republic, he discusses his ideas and views of how this ideal government would function. He believed that people are born into 3 different classes, with different responsibilities (Plato 415a). Only people in the “golden” class were fit to rule. The most effective of these rulers would be philosophers, as they have knowledge of the good of the whole (Plato 473d). This system seems too perfect for me. I believe that Plato’s republic is unjust and would not work with our modern society, as it relies too much on the “golden” class choosing what is right for everyone, and there is nothing to make them accountable if they choose wrong.
Before arguing for my ideas on Plato’s Republic, I will elaborate more on what the Republic entails. Plato believed that the citizens of a state should be told “you are brothers, yet God has framed you differently” (Plato 415a). Some people are born into the golden class fit for leadership, some are born into the silver class meant to be auxiliaries to aid the golden class, and others are born into the brass or iron class destined to be farmers and labourers. It was Plato’s idea that "the fostering of such a belief will make them [citizens] care more for the city and for one another" (Plato 415d). The most effective rulers in the golden class would be philosophers (Plato 473d). According to Plato, they alone have the ability to see what is good for the
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